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My name is Shakti Cabral, recently I was honoured to be chosen as the main healer in a BBC TV series called The Retreat which was filmed inThailand.

Thailand has been my paradise home for the past 10 years and it is where I have developed a powerful healing practice called Transformation Guidance.

During this time using Transformation Guidance I’ve helped thousands of people become unstuck and find their true purpose in life.

But this site isn’t about me, it’s about you and how you can get to live the life of your dreams. To find your own version of paradise.

Riihannon Wilde

"go really really deep into your own being"

I can only recommend this amazing woman. Shakti holds a profound 'non-ego' space that creates so much safety that you can go really really deep into your own being

Riihannon Wilde ~ Belgium

‘Transformation literally means going beyond your form ’

Wayne Dyer ~ Author & Teacher


Introducing The Transformation Guidance System

To accelerate you on your path to getting what you truly want I’ve created theTransformation Guidance System.

Transformation Guidance is based on an experiential book and a series of 8 guided visualisations.

These have been produced along with cutting edge Sonic Harmonics brainwave meditation music. 

Together this forms the Transformation Guidance System which takes you step by step through the process of creating the life you’ve always wanted. 

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En-Lighten Up, Your Guide Into Transformation

This experiential downloadable ebook is packed with transformational methods which can be used alone or together as a process.

Each process stands alone in improving the way that you feel in life but when used together…..boom!

Something very special happens!

Transformation Guidance Special Offer

Get the entire Transformation Guidance System, including 8 guided meditations plus bonus audios worth $200 for just $97

Guided Visualizations

I've also created a series of 8 powerful visualizations to accompany the experiential guide into transformation.

Using these meditations you can free yourself up from the mental traps, heavy emotions and belief systems which have seemed to be working against you up until now!

Powered by Sonic Harmonics Brainwave Technology

Each of the visualizations are backed with cutting edge Sonic Harmonics brainwave technology which naturally synchronises your brainwaves guiding you into a deep meditation experience.


"finally confirmed my belief that a spiritual force really exists​"

I have always been a bit skeptical of energy healing and things beyond the realms of what science shows as being possible, until I met Shakti Cabral - she has magical powers that finally confirmed my belief that a spiritual force really exists and science is yet to catch up with that fact!


Niraj Naik - The Renegade Pharmacist

Nicole Guetling

"helped me to find the courage to go for what my heart and inner guidance told me"

I had my first transformational treatment with Shakti two years ago and it changed my life completely. I came to Koh Phangan to find answers regarding where to go in my life.

Shakti and her healing treatment and kindness helped me to find the courage to go for what my heart and inner guidance told me. I just finished my reiki level 2 with her and am happy to have lots of new tools to keep on walking the path that is meant for me to go.

Sometimes it doesn’t need much to change our lives, but someone who reminds us of who we truly are. Thank you Shakti for reminding me!! I will always come back!


Nicole Guetling - Koh Phangan, Thailand

Kate Reardon

"a supportive and safe space and allows you to go deep inside yourself"

Shakti is a truly gifted healer.  After working in the alternative health industry over the years I am used to experimenting with many different healing techniques and therapists and Shakti has stood out as a therapist with her accuracy of vision and her clear perception of the 'root' of the problem.

Shakti provides a supportive and safe space and allows you to go deep inside yourself to evidently face, heal and clear what challenges you on any level.

By having Shakti take you on this healing journey the things that you may uncover will be transformational, releasing and have the potential to be life changing in every way. Her professional manner, kind heart and soothing nature help to create an experience of self discovery you will never forget.


Kate Reardon - Australia

Chris Tafari

"extremely profound and genuinely life changing​"

I have had several sessions with Shakti over the space of a year and each session was extremely profound and genuinely life changing. Shakti can perform powerful work and get to the core of an issue in a short amount of time. After each session, although the work was deep and profound I was always left feeling relaxed and settled.


Chris Tafari - Equinox Kombucha, UK

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About Shakti

Hi! I'm Shakti Cabral a Living Library Therapist, Humanitarian, Multi-Dimensional and Transformational Healer.

My purpose is to assist humanity by re-connecting people with their Soul purpose and divine power.

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