En-Lighten Up – eBook

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This experiential downloadable ebook is packed with transformational methods which can be used alone or together as a process.

Each process stands alone in improving the way that you feel in life but when used together…..boom!

Something very special happens!

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Here are just a few of the life changing things you will discover inside En-Lighten Up

  • Three simple methods which you can use to tune in to and raise your vibration whilst doing inner work. This is important if you want to gain deeper understanding of yourself and others, find solutions to life’s problems or fulfil your highest dreams.

  • You’ll find out why coming from a place of love is naturally a high vibration (this means no further effort is required to live a life of boundless abundance)

  • How the Law of Attraction really works…. (this is shocking when you really find out how on page 6)

  • How to effortlessly transform your own ego – exercise 9 will reveal how to recognise and address certain ‘attitudes’ which may be creating resistance in your life.

  • Discover the true nature of abundance and where it really comes from – once you understand this you will experience areas of your life opening up which you may have never realised were closed

  • Why your ego is not as bad as people make out (you’ll be shocked when discover the true nature of your ego and how it is actually working for your benefit)

  • How to recognize when your ego is serving you and when it isn’t…. Once you discover this you will get more clarity on the direction your life is heading

  • How to a create reality you want to live in – you create your reality every day whether you are aware of it or not. You will discover how to create a reality which serves you instead of one which doesn’t.

  • Why you don’t need to be a yogi or buddhist to understand the true nature of what ‘non-attachment’ means – Once you understand this you will make massive shifts in your perspective on life and the nature everything may take on an entirely new perspective

  • How to remove energetic blockages which keep from true abundance– In Part 2 of the ‘Three Things The Ego Wants’ you will discover why you may not be able to move past things which are holding you back

  • How to recognise when you or others are a victim of ‘being a victim’ – the victim mindset can be easily overcome once you recognise it’s destructive patterns

  • How to truly break free of your ego – on page 11 you will discover a five step process to free you from your ego… It’s super powerful and can be used anytime anywhere

  • Discover what Kundalini Awakening really is and how to handle this powerful process in the safest way possible – without proper guidance many people can become sick or go insane through a Kundalini awakening. You will discover how to handle yourself in the safest way possible should this process happen to you


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