Welcome To Transformation Guidance

When at first I had the idea to pull together my knowledge and share it with the world, I knew what I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure how to do it.  It’s been a burning desire of mine for many years to get this information out into the world to help humanity raise its consciousness.

The information that follows is taken from my book ‘Enlighten-up’ – a Transformational Guide and is written and recorded to give you an experience from which to base your understanding.  To fully absorb the processes which follow, one must also experience them. Wisdom comes through experience which is strengthened when filtered down through the body’s DNA and into the cellular memory.

We start with some simple basics and gently progress through into deeper topics.  Please take your time and repeat and/or pause as many of the visualizations as you need to in order for them to sink in.  There is no rush and remember everyone has their own personal pace. Eventually you will no longer need the recordings and then you can move on to the next book.

‘Enlighten-up’ is the first of three books, each delving deeper into the psyche and cosmos.  There is also a course that can be taken to fully align with all three of these writing’s. It is my calling to have my work available to you and there is no time like the pre-sent!

I have used every one of the methods which follow and they have each complemented my life in more ways than one.  With practice they can be merged together for specific results.

Shakti Square 2


Quick disclaimer: I hope that I’m stating the obvious here but whilst practicing the following visualizations, please avoid driving a vehicle, operating machinery, intoxication of any kind and make sure that you are free from distractions, so turn your phones off etc.

The following information is not a replacement for medication or any other prescriptions but can be used as a complementary tool.

So lets start at the beginning and work our way in.