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Hi, My name is Shakti Cabral, recently I was honoured to be chosen as the main healer in a BBC TV series called The Retreat which was filmed in Thailand.

Thailand has been my paradise home for the past 10 years and it is where I have developed a powerful healing practice called Transformation Guidance.

During this time using Transformation Guidance I’ve helped thousands of people become unstuck and find their true purpose in life.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about you and how you can get to live the life of your dreams. To find your own version of paradise.

Shakti @ Transformation Guidance

Riihannon Wilde

"go really really deep into your own being"

I can only recommend this amazing woman. Shakti holds a profound 'non-ego' space that creates so much safety that you can go really really deep into your own being

Riihannon Wilde ~ Belgium


"I feel like I am now in much better alignment"

I highly recommend doing a Living Library session with Shakti. The session that I did with her helped me to see and clear up some old belief patterns that had been holding me back for a long time.  I feel like I am now in much better alignment and have a much clearer picture of the direction that my life needs to flow

Melody Hidalgo ~ US

The "One Thing" I Was Shown By A
Mysterious Woman In London

You see before I was able to live here in my paradise I felt stuck with my life. I suffered from depression and just wanted a way out.

Nothing seemed like it was working until I met a mysterious woman from The College of Psychic Studies in London UK who showed me the ‘one thing’ that changed my life forever.

This ONE THING was the single most valuable technique I ever learned and with your permission I wish to share it with you. 

The College of Psychic Studies London
The College of Psychic Studies London

It has truly changed my life and over the years I've refined the technique. It is now ready to change your life too, all with less effort needed on your part.

Even if you’ve never done this before, I promise you that once you’ve learned it, you can use it for almost every challenging situation or scenario that you come across in life.

But before I share this system and before you even look at how to change your own life, first you have to ask yourself...

"What Do You Really You Want?"

Are you yearning for love? Empowerment? Friendship? Kindness? Abundance? Maybe other incredible things I have yet to describe?

Realise all this is possible when you too learn this one thing. First you need to be clear on what you truly want.

As I said since I’ve been using this technique I’ve been able to deal with what life brings me.

Better still I’ve been able to influence it for the better! 

I’ve not had to wait things out until they fade or go through relentless pain and sorrow for days, weeks, months or even years.

I’ve been able to change my state, understand what the lesson was and move on, happier and wiser for it!

But it wasn't always like this.

How To Break Free From Your Past

From an early age I was diagnosed with epilepsy and was medicated from the ages of 6 to 16 which played havoc with my health, memory, mental state and physical appearance.

From the medications they pumped into me I ended up spiralling into depression (yet didn’t know it).

I spent my time trying to be happy... but always felt like my life was against me.  

Have You Ever Experienced This?

Imagine always being the one who got bullied in childhood which then carries on through into your adult life. 

Often you feel small and powerless and often just don't want to be here.

You don't know how to be happy naturally and as you get older you drink too much and give yourself false highs - but they never last.

You end just as down and depressed as before desperate to find a way out.

You know there must be a better way to live yet you just don't know where to begin.

Like many I had a dream to be happy and to love life.

Better still – and I never believed I’d get this one – to live in a beautiful place with loads of friends, doing a job that I loved.

I had no idea how I would do it, but eventually I did!

I broke free from what now seems like a past life and it was all thanks to the techniques I discovered and refined into Transformation Guidance.

Nicole Guetling

"helped me to find the courage to go for what my heart and inner guidance told me"

I had my first transformational treatment with Shakti two years ago and it changed my life completely. I came to Koh Phangan to find answers regarding where to go in my life.

Shakti and her healing treatment and kindness helped me to find the courage to go for what my heart and inner guidance told me. I just finished my reiki level 2 with her and am happy to have lots of new tools to keep on walking the path that is meant for me to go.

Sometimes it doesn’t need much to change our lives, but someone who reminds us of who we truly are. Thank you Shakti for reminding me!! I will always come back!

Nicole Guetling - Koh Phangan, Thailand


"a truly powerful and sensitive transformational guide!"

Her work goes deep, and has made a tremendous change to my life. Shakti has helped me break up old emotional patterns, re-create balance, and clear stagnant energy from my body. With a lot of sensitivity and intuition, she has guided me through past experiences in order to resolve them. Every session is different, and I never know what will happen in the next one, but I fully trust Shakti to guide me through the layers that make up my 'self' and untangle some of its knots. She is a truly powerful and sensitive transformational guide!

Virginie Knowel ~ Belgium

Transformation literally means
going beyond your form

Wayne Dyer ~ Philosopher, Author & Speaker


Introducing The Transformation Guidance System

To accelerate you on your path to getting what you truly want I’ve created the Transformation Guidance System.

Transformation Guidance is based on an experiential book and a series of 8 guided visualisations.

These have been produced along with cutting edge Sonic Harmonics brainwave meditation music.

Together this forms the Transformation Guidance System which takes you step by step through the process of creating the life you’ve always wanted. 

Your Transformation Toolbox
8 Powerful Guided Visualisations

The Transformational Toolbox is a series of 8 guided visualisations sessions each backed with powerful Sonic Harmonics brainwave music to guide you deep into meditation. Each session has detailed guidance on how it is used.

1. Grounding & Protection

grounding and protection bw sh copy

Discover what grounding really means and how you can quickly recognise the symptoms of being ungrounded in yourself and others.

(This will help you if you ever feel exhausted, suffer from any form of anxiety or insomnia, depression or even financial difficulties and issues of abundance).

You will also find ways to protect yourself from energies, emotions and feelings of others.

Protection from radiation, pollution and toxins can be enhanced through visualisation techniques included.

Being grounded determines how you connect to the physical world and everything around you.

Grounding governs your connection to the environment and others. Your stability and strength. Your sense of awarenesswhich is unique to this planet.

When you are grounded you will experience a much more solid connection to the world, clearer thinking and become much more aware of your surroundings.

You may find this grounding meditation nourishes the nervous system and energises the nerves of your body.

2. Orb Of Light

orb of light 600

The Orb Of Light is your cleansing meditation. When you cleanse your energy on a regular basis you will find it easier to work out the truth behind what you are actually feeling.

Things become clearer to you, of what belongs to you and what doesn’t. Which feelings, emotions and energies are generated by you and what is coming to you from other sources.

This is helpful because you now have a better standpoint of where to position yourself in order to make sense of the world around you and to take better care of yourself.

Know your own energy. Cleanse from the clutters of life. No longer feel drained in crowded situations.

  • Cleansing will help your energy
  • Promote better sleep
  • Offer relief from exhaustion
  • Clear your busy mind
  • Reduce feelings of toxicity
  • Support immune system

3. Place In Paradise

place in paradise 600

A Place in Paradise is your sacred safe haven. A place where you go to heal, to cleanse and enter deeper states. Your scared space to transform. You go there whenever you want to do inner work, and enter a loving calming inner space which you yourself have created.

Sometimes you may enter the shamanic realms and visit places which already exist. These places may be the ones of those close to you such as family and loved ones. You will discover how to recognise these places and ways you can help those close to you with the messages you receive.

4. Journey Through The Chakras

journey through the chakras 600

The prime energy centers of the body are what is known as chakras. Often these are areas within the body where energy can get stuck. The chakras each have an individual colour of the rainbow and also vibrate at different speeds. They also have varied physical, mental and emotional content.

The Chakras are located from the top of the head - the crown, the 3rd eye - slightly above and between the eyebrows, the throat, the centre of the chest in line with the heart (heart chakra), the bottom of the rib cage (solar plexus), just below the belly button (sacral) and at the base of the spine (base).

The three main centres which usually have the most clutter are the sacral centre also known as the emotional/power centre, the solar plexus (where belief and control is stored) and the heart centre (where emotions can be processed and released).

A lot of heaviness can also be stored in the crown (head) by unhealthy thinking. As you work through what you need to, this stuck energy clears (like giving your home a good spring clean) and makes space for something fresh and new.

When your chakras are fully in alignment this is when powerful transformations can begin.

5. Flower Flame Pearl

flower flame pearl 600

Love is something that we all yearn to feel and experience.

Love is also the epicenter of everything and is important if you are doing transformational work. Coming from a place of love is what 'cements' everything together.

The aim of this visualization is to take you to your heart essence. It is a journey into your innermost being, which reminds you of what you are.

It is a visualization that will bring you into deeper states of love and well-being when repeated daily.

6. Guides Angels and Ascended Masters

guides angels and ascended masters 600

Your guides are celestial beings who are specifically appointed to you. They have your best interests at heart and have been with you since birth. They know you incredibly well. Also, as you learn, they learn. As you grow, they grow.

You may also call on angels and ascended masters to assist you in any work you need to do.

All of these beings work out ways of helping you to better understand what they are trying to get across to you, and if you don’t ‘get it’, they’ll find other ways of getting it through to you.

Like a teacher can improve their skills by taking notice of how their students receive their teachings, so do your guides.

You need not worship them or make offerings as this is an energy drain and disempowering. They are there to empower and essentially guide you.

7. Body Speak

body speak 600

What do you usually do when your body is sick or hurting?

Do you take medicine to make the pain go away? Distract yourself from it? Try not to feel it or self medicate it away?

Lets face it, most of us have done some or all of these at some time, but we’re missing the point!

This meditation can be used to look into and better understand what your body is telling you.

How else is the body going to communicate with us if we don’t listen to its subtler whispers?

Those subtler whispers are the ones which we often feel but pay no attention to. They’re those thoughts and feelings that tell you something’s not feeling right but you do it anyway. They can be what we call ‘intuitions’.

When you take time to listen to them, fully feel them and maybe even speak with them

  • Discover how to give your body an avenue of communication which it will love you for.
  • Find out how to recognise if the cause of your pain is elsewhere in your body and not the obvious place/area in your body/life which you may have originally assumed.
  • How to decode the messages your body is sending youwhen do feel pain and how to make appropriate changes in your life to eliminate this pain for good.
  • A simple exercise which will develop rapport with your bodyand show you how any pain you are currently experiencing can also be your teacher helping you solve other problems in your life (ones which were not apparent at first)

8. Transforming Aspects Of The Ego

transforming aspects of the ego 600

In this visualisation we start to look at the areas of our lives that we feel hold us back or make us feel uncomfortable. We may have belief systems of failure, inferiority, lack, arrogance etc. Whatever it is, remember that it is all energy and we can transform it into something which better supports us.

Repeated patterns can come about due to a lack of understanding around a certain area or event. We therefore miss the ‘point’ of the repeated opportunity for learning and understanding (karma – learning and understanding).

These misunderstandings may also be carried down through generations through the DNA as vibrational frequencies that become triggered and spark into life when a certain event and reaction to that event match the original frequency.

We may then play the same pattern out again and again simply because we have no idea of it’s origin or what the learning even was/is.

When these frequencies are inherited they often don’t even belong to us and may show up in a visualization as family members. Once the situation is realized it can be released from the DNA through intention, focus and love.


"finally confirmed my belief that a spiritual force really exists​"

I have always been a bit skeptical of energy healing and things beyond the realms of what science shows as being possible, until I met Shakti Cabral - she has magical powers that finally confirmed my belief that a spiritual force really exists and science is yet to catch up with that fact!

Niraj Naik - The Renegade Pharmacist

En-Lighten Up - Your Guide Into Transformation

This experiential downloadable ebook is packed with transformational methods which can be used alone or together as a process.

Each process stands alone in improving the way that you feel in life but when used together…..boom!

Something very special happens!

Enlighten Up iOS


Three simple methods which you can use to tune in to and raise your vibration whilst doing inner work. This is important if you want to gain deeper understanding of yourself and others, find solutions to life’s problems or fulfil your highest dreams.


You’ll find out why coming from a place of love is naturally a high vibration (this means no further effort is required to live a life of boundless abundance)

How the Law of Attraction really works…. (this is shocking when you really find out how on page 6)

How to effortlessly transform your own ego - exercise 9 will reveal how to recognise and address certain ‘attitudes’ which may be creating resistance in your life.

Discover the true nature of abundance and where it really comes from - once you understand this you will experience areas of your life opening up which you may have never realised were closed

Why your ego is not as bad as people make out (you’ll be shocked when discover the true nature of your ego and how it is actually working for your benefit)

How to recognize when your ego is serving you and when it isn’t…. Once you discover this you will get more clarity on the direction your life is heading

How to a create reality you want to live in - you create your reality every day whether you are aware of it or not. You will discover how to create a reality which serves you instead of one which doesn’t.

Why you don’t need to be a buddhist monk to understand the true nature of what ‘non-attachment’ means - Once you understand this you will make massive shifts in your perspective on life and the nature everything may take on an entirely new perspective

How to remove energetic blockages which keep from true abundance - In Part 2 of the ‘Three Things The Ego Wants’ you will discover why you may not be able to move past things which are holding you back

How to remove energetic blockages which keep from true abundance - In Part 2 of the ‘Three Things The Ego Wants’ you will discover why you may not be able to move past things which are holding you back

How to recognise when you or others are a victim of ‘being a victim’ - the victim mindset can be easily overcome once you recognise it’s destructive patterns

How to truly break free of your ego - on page 11 you will discover a five step process to free you from your ego… It’s super powerful and can be used anytime anywhere

Discover what Kundalini Awakening really is and how to handle this powerful process in the safest way possible - without proper guidance many people can become sick or go insane through a Kundalini awakening. You will discover how to handle yourself in the safest way possible should this process happen to you

A Complete System For Lasting Personal Transformation

While there is a lot of good information out there which tells you what to do in the face of suppression, often it all just becomes another chunk of information to store in the brain.

Without the tools to guide you the information you gather isn’t lived out in a way you can experience.

There’s a big difference between knowing something and becoming it.

We can know wisdom, but without action, nothing happens.

So I’ve created something which can truly take you there!

TGS - Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet Trim
Chris Tafari

"extremely profound and genuinely life changing​"

I have had several sessions with Shakti over the space of a year and each session was extremely profound and genuinely life changing. Shakti can perform powerful work and get to the core of an issue in a short amount of time. After each session, although the work was deep and profound I was always left feeling relaxed and settled.

Chris Tafari - Equinox Kombucha, UK

PLUS: Look At What Else You’re Getting

Complete Collection of 8 Brainwave Audio Sessions

You get included 8 30 minute Sonic Harmonics brainwave audio sessions. These powerful meditation music sessions were created exclusively for the Transformation Guidance System. Each session has a value of $24.95.

You get a total of 8 session which is a $199 value when purchased individually.

You get this entire collection of brainwave meditation music included when you order the Transformation Guidance System on this page.


Claim Your Exclusive Discount

As part of a subscriber only deal you have an exclusive offer to get the entire Transformation Guidance System and bonuses at a huge discount.

When released the full retail value of this system will be at least $197.

Plus the bonuses will be available individually for at least $24.95 each.

This brings a total value of over $794.

If you were to book me for a 1 on 1 online session it would cost you $150 per hour and to book me in person would cost you at least double.

(most people need to book a few sessions to make it worthwhile so the costs for my personal service could easily be between $1000 and $2000)


Activate Your Abundance Transfer

As mentioned this is a special subscriber only deal, so right now you can access the Transformation Guidance System at a big discount.

The value you get from a small exchange today will come back to you multiple times with the Abundance Transfer which takes place.

It's not going to cost you anywhere near my personal fees (which could easily be $2000).

And it wont cost you the value of the entire package which is at least $500

It won’t even cost you my usual private online session fees which are $150 per hour.

Right now you get everything you see on this page for $197 $47

All we ask in return is some feedback so we can keep improving on this powerful transformational system and deliver even more methods of personal and spiritual transformation to you in the future.

Try The Transformation Guidance System for 60 Days Risk Free


Finally experience the effects of true transformation in your life. Release yourself from past negative patterns and behaviours and open your life to the love, joy, abundance and boundless energy which are guaranteed to flow.

If after going through the entire Transformation Guidance System and listening to the powerful Sonic Harmonics Brainwave meditations you still don't feel any positive effect in your life you can have your money back in full.

You have an entire 60 days to try the Transformation Guidance System for yourself without any risk.

Order today, then see and feel the results for yourself, guaranteed.

"further insight into my spiritual realms, past, present, future"

I savour my sessions with Shakti as she can hold a postitve and clear space for me to get in touch with parts of myself that I need support with to investigate.  I feel empowered and heard by Shakti in her sessions and I enjoy gaining further insight into my spiritual realms, past, present, future.  I feel more empowered to take control of my life, my thoughts and my decisions from this space.

Justine Anne - Bali

Don't Delay!

You could spend the next 60 days struggling or you can try the Transformation Guidance System for yourself without risk?

The longer you wait the less likely it is things will change. This offer will have passed and the others who took advantage will be experiencing limitless transformation and abundance while your life remains the same.

Don’t let this happen to you. Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You can only access the Transformation Guidance System here. No one else has refined a system of tools and techniques in this way. You can be among the first to experience them for yourself.

Look What Others Are Saying About Shakti & Transformation Guidance

Kate Reardon

"a supportive and safe space and allows you to go deep inside yourself"

Shakti is a truly gifted healer.  After working in the alternative health industry over the years I am used to experimenting with many different healing techniques and therapists and Shakti has stood out as a therapist with her accuracy of vision and her clear perception of the 'root' of the problem.

Shakti provides a supportive and safe space and allows you to go deep inside yourself to evidently face, heal and clear what challenges you on any level.

By having Shakti take you on this healing journey the things that you may uncover will be transformational, releasing and have the potential to be life changing in every way. Her professional manner, kind heart and soothing nature help to create an experience of self discovery you will never forget.

Kate Reardon - Australia

"a unique approach to caring for people and empowering them​"

Shakti has a unique approach to caring for people and empowering them so that they can find their path through life.

Her retreats are relaxing, thoughtful and cozy.  They combine her extensive experience in yoga, Qigong, meditation and energy work with the needs of all participants, whatever their level may be.

I enjoy the structure and flexibility - a great balance between knowing what to expect and what is going on and feeling like the retreat catered specifically for each of us.

S Gurke - London, UK

Here’s what you get when you order Transformation Guidance Today

You will be among the first to experience the life changing Transformation Guidance System and begin to live in a state of effortless flow.

Attract more positive experiences and feelings of gratitude. Open your life to limitless abundance, freedom joy and happiness.

Let go of things which do not serve you and release any emotional blockages which are stopping you live the life you deserve.

A Complete System of Transformation with the tools and techniques to live the life you truly want and deserve ready inside the members area

En-Lighten Up - Your complete guide into Transformation. This experiential downloadable ebook is packed with transformational methods which can be used alone or together as a process.

8 Transformation Visualisations - Series of 8 guided brainwave meditations to accompany the tools and techniques you discover in the book

Unmatched 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can be assured the Transformation Guidance System will work for you without risk

Unbeatable Customer Support is ready to assist you with any questions you have about your purchases and ensure get the absolute best experience with the Transformation Guidance System

Transformation Guidance System Total Value $199

Plus The Exclusive Bonuses


8 Transformation Meditations with Sonic Harmonics Brainwave music for you to use whenever you want to experience deep relaxation or meditation

Value $199


Transformation Tribe - access to a private community of likeminded souls all with the same goal of supporting each other on their own journeys into transformation

Value $99 Yearly

Total Bonus Value $298
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Total combined package value $497

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Shakti Square 2

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. I sincerely believe you see the life changing potential before you and look forward to connecting inside the members area.

Shakti @ Transformation Guidance

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Be The First

You will be among the first to experience the results of the Transformation Guidance System

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"After just one session, I was able to quit smoking"

Shakti is an incredible healer whose knowledge, wisdom and intuitive gift for channelling has supported me in transforming energetic blockages and move through many layers of fear. I was referred to Shakti by a friend, and had also heard a lot of positive reviews from her other clients about her healing gifts and profound abilities to move energetic blockages and transform them to reveal their gifts and lessons. I attended two of Shakti's workshops on "How to Heal Yourself" and because they were so powerful, I decided to book a private session with her.

After just one session, I was able to quit smoking, an addiction that I had struggled with for many years. I was taking on an internal journey to see the roots of where and how this started, and how to free myself from this pattern and structure that I felt so locked within. During this session, I also saw that I had the courage and strength  within me to begin my own journey into healing and feel more ready and able to untap my own potential as a healer.

It has been a blessing to have met Shakti and cross paths with her at a moment in my life when I felt quite stuck about making decisions about my future. Shakti makes the client feel safe and nurtured, holding a dialog throughout the session and being a true guide and channel, thereby creating an environment where clients open up and allow energy to be moved at several levels - psychic, emotional, physical and mental. It's been an honour to have met and worked with her.  Thank you, Shakti!!

Deena - Thailand

DISCLAIMER: The results on this page are based on actual user feedback. We can not make any claims this will work for you as described. Everyone’s situation is different and you may have deeper emotional issues which require specialist attention until you can truly welcome transformation in your life. None of the claims on this page should be taken as medical or financial advice. You are the creator of your destiny and are responsible for all decisions you make in connection with any of the information provided on this page. If you suffer from any medical condition then seek the advice of your doctor or practitioner before you use any brain wave audio.